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Crop to Cup

The story of a warm cup of Joe

OUR Story

At American Joe Coffee, we are committed to providing fine American made and American grown coffee products. We're also PROUD U.S. Navy brats. My dad’s ship was named after Stephen W. Groves, a heroic F4F pilot from the battle of Midway (a military response to the attack on Pearl Harbor). To honor the lost of WWII we named our coffees after landmarks of the U.S. Pacific Fleet. American Joe is grown less than an hour away from many of these American landmarks, on U.S. soil and then small-batch roasted to perfection in Kansas City, MO.


Founders ~ Larry and Corie Lucky 

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Finding an American grown & American made coffee option is difficult because the majority of the world's coffee supply is grown in nations outside of the USA.


At American Joe Coffee, we are committed to providing fine American made & American grown coffee products. To keep this commitment we offer 100% American grown and sourced coffee and also a line of blended coffee containing 51% American grown beans.

Cup of Coffee

Our Cause

My wife and I are both U.S. military kids and understand the challenges military connected kids face. We desired partnership with a cause and initiatives that recognize the sacrifice military kids share and helps as they deploy and transition between bases with their family. Our current foundation is, who does just that.  

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