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  • Why buy American Made and American Grown ?
    When you buy American made and grown products you are directly contributing to paying prevailing wages to fellow Americans. Foreign coffee growers do not pay their workers prevailing wages. In other countries an average of 5 - 10% of the consumer's price actually goes to the farmer. In America, however, 40 - 60 % of the consumer's price goes to U.S. coffee farmers. When you buy American grown products, you are buying product that is grown under USDA policies and quality assurance standards. Foreign coffee growers are not required to grow their coffee under our USDA farming, cleanliness and quality standards.
  • Why the premium prices?
    Simply put, it cost more to make it "Made in America". Higher U.S. wages, a higher bar of growing standards and a U.S. supply chain are major contributors to the higher cost of U.S. made and U.S. grown coffee. And did I mention we use premium Hawaiian coffee. So it's not cheap coffee or cheap to make, but we've done our best to keep our costs as low as possible in order to pass those savings on to you.
  • What's the deal with using Pearl Harbor as a coffee name?
    When most people think of Pearl Harbor, they rightly think of the December 7, 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor. However, did you know that Pearl Harbor is actually a location and not just that tragic event that took place nearly 80 years ago? Pearl Harbor is home to a vibrant and active joint U.S. military base in operation today. American Joe is grown less than an hour away from that base. Our personal story connects to Pearl Harbor as well. My wife and I grew up as military kids. My dad’s ship was named after Stephen W. Groves, a heroic F4F pilot from the battle of Midway (a military response to the attack on Pearl Harbor). To honor the lost of WWII we thought it fitting to name our coffees after landmarks of the U.S. Pacific Fleet.
  • What is your 51% Allied Edition all about?
    Our Allied Editions came from the desire to offer a lower price point to our customers while still being a majority American made and grown product. Allied Editions will alway be 51% American and 49% Allied. Our Allied portion (49%) are sourced from U.S. ally nations in good standing with America. All Allied blends have a U.S. domestic content threshold of at least 75% (based on U.S. spend), in compliance with the Buy America Act.
  • Why is American Joe the joe you can trust?
    There are a number of coffee brands that claim to be American coffee but actually contain NO American grown coffee (0.0%). We have done the work to create an American supply chain with American grown coffee in every bag. We hit 4 elements to make our coffee American Made: American Owned & Operated American Grown & Roasted American Farmers & Wages American Coffee Bags None of our competitors hit all four elements. Here at American Joe we offer 100% American grown & sourced coffee. We also offer a line of blended coffee containing 51% American grown beans. We dare you to find a better cup of Joe.
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