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American Joe Tropic Lightning
  • American Joe Tropic Lightning

    $24.99 Regular Price
    $22.99Sale Price

    American Joe Tropic Lightning 51% US Grown Coffee Roasted in Kansas City Medium-Dark | 12oz


    • MADE IN THE USA 🇺🇸: Our Tropic Lightning Allied Edition is a majority American grown coffee blend with a 75% domestic content threshold (a figure based on total U.S. spend).


    • ALLIED EDITION BLENDS: Our Allied Editions aim to blend American grown coffee with coffee from ally nations in good standing with the United States. Tropic Lightning has a 51% American | 49% Brazilian coffee ratio. Our blends offer a more economical price point than our 100% American coffee, while still being U.S. made.


    • AMERICAN SUPPLY CHAIN: Majority American Farmers + Majority American Coffee Beans + American Roasters + American Coffee Bags = American Joe Allied Editions. If you want American coffee you want American Joe.


    • K.C. ROASTED WITH 100% ARABICA BEANS: We source premium quality arabica beans that are expertly small-batch roasted in Kansas City to deliver coffee that is superb from bag to bag and roast to roast.


    • AN ARTESIAN ROAST PROFILE: Treat yourself to our Medium-Dark Roasted Tropic Lightning blend that brings out notes of nougat and fudge brownie and leaves you with a creamy balanced mouth-feel. Tropic Lightning is roasted to please those who like it black but not bitter and those who like to add creamers and milk.


    • FROM THE STATE OF HAWAII 🇺🇸: The only place in the USA that grows and sells coffee on a commercial scale is Hawaii, which is also the only U.S. state in the Coffee Belt.


    • CARE FOR MILITARY KIDS: At American Joe, we recognize that U.S. military kids share in the sacrifice their active duty parents make to serve their country, so we have partnered with who offer many initiatives that help military kids and their families.
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